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Born April 21st, 1950 in Brooklyn, New York. At the age of 5 my father a house painter took me to work with him. When I saw him painting I immediately wanted to paint. This was the beginning of my art career. My mother had the neighborhood sign painter watching me during the summer while they had to work. Soon he gave me jobs of painting 4×8 sheets of plywood white in preparation for signs. While in Jr. high-school I was awarded a scholarship to Pratt University on Saturdays for drawing classes. The following year (1964) I submitted my portfolio for entry into the High School of Art and Design. I was accepted. At the High School of Art and Design located at east 57th and 2nd avenue. There I studied Painting, Drawing, illustration, architecture and package design. After Graduating I attended the School of Visual Arts, The New School, The Art Students League and the Illustration Club (Norman Rockwell Studied there) I was selling my Art to Edith Topal a well known designer in N.Y.  I was spending my summers in Seaside Heights N.J where my family had their business on the Boardwalk. While in a antique store I came up with an idea. I purchased a button machine. I had a Polaroid camera. Then Photo on a button was born. I set up a 3’x5′ table next to my parents business and launched Photo on a Button. It was an immediate success. During this summer (1968) I became very ill. I spent 4 months in bed finding out I was allergic to penicillin. This motivated me to becoming a vegetarian. 

Neil Loeb is a highly recognized American Pop-artist who has enjoyed great commercial success. He is most notably acclaimed for his dramatic, bold and simplistic paintings on canvas and cast paper, with images, shapes and color.. One of medium’s in his artwork is the use of cast paper, archival cotton fiber vacuum molded on wood, plastic, metal and sculpted found objects made by the artist.  He then paints and arranges the cast paper shapes to create the final composition placed on stretched canvas, a whimsical and vibrant blend of unique shapes and color. Loeb has been quoted saying, “When I make my own paper, the final artwork is one-hundred percent mine.” His unique and playful paintings won him a special place in the art world. While in high school Neil won 1st prize for a poster contest from all high schools in New York City entitled New York is our town. He was invited to a dinner at the Waldorf Astoria sponsored by the Advertising Women of New York entitled the Eight Lively Arts Awards celebrating  Truman Capote, Jacques Liptchitz, Andrew Wyeth, James Wyeth Betty Davis, Joey Heatherton, Tennessee Williams and Neil Loeb. His poster art was positioned at the event. Neil Loeb’s unique art form earned him contracts with Hanna-Barbara, Warner Brothers and Disney for his iconic interpretations of their characters being the first private artist ever chosen. Neil Loeb’s artwork is also in numerous galleries and collections throughout the world. Planet Hollywood Towers in Las Vegas, Nevada, showcases a commissioned series of his Pop-art pieces. Neil Loeb’s painting when he was 17 years old was chosen by the City of New York entitled “The Corn as high as a elephants eye with the surrey with the fringe on top” was presented to Richard Rodger’s (from Rodger’s and Hammerstein) 65th birthday. Mr Rogers then took Neil Loeb to the famous Gallagher’s Steak House for dinner. Rocky Aoki, the founder of Benihana’s restaurants developed a Neil Loeb Bennihana restaurant using all the art and design of Neil Loeb. Billionaire David Siegel the king of time share and the owner of West gate resort is one of Neil Loeb’s largest collectors. Neil has done many portraits for the winner of the Miss America Pageant since 2006.  Today, Neil Loeb is reviving his Pop-art style while continuing to create new and exciting collections of original art.  

Neil is also the creator of iphotocanvas the first app (highest rated for quality)( for Apple and Android. Where you are able to upload your photo or art and create your canvas. Neil’s passion and vision is to provide the tools and services where the masses could create their own art. In the late 90’s Neil patented and formulated an archival art canvas for printing. Iphotocanvas creates your photos and art in the highest quality giclee’ canvases. Iphotocanvas also offers high quality custom framing, split canvases and gallery walls and story canvases

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