1. Choose Your Layout (Then upload your photos or art from Facebook, Instagram or your photo library)

Single Canvas

Create your masterpiece on a single canvas with many options to choose from.

Canvas Split

Split your photo or art into two canvases creating a unique art piece.

Gallery Wall

Create a gallery wall with up to 10 individual canvases.

Story Canvas

Multiple photos on one canvas creating a story of your unforgetable memories.

2. Choose Your Size

We have Created 20 different Story Canvas. These Artistic displays enhance your Life with your wonderful memories.

Background Color:

White Background

Black Background

3. Choose Additional Digital Services (Optional)



Black & White(No Charge)

Sepia(No Charge)

Textured Canvas Coating ($.25 sq inch)[]



Level One ($10.00)

Level Two ($20.00)

Level Three ($30.00)

Background Replacement:


Blur ($20.00)

Your Photo ($25.00)

Custom Color ($25.00)

4. Canvas Name & Comments

Give Your Canvas a unique name:
Comment you have about this project:

We accept TIFF and JPEG formats. Please see the Help section for additional information about formatting and sizing your image. A representative will contact you if there are problems or questions. Remember, every image is your property and we will not use it without your permission.

Your pricing will be created in this Summary box as you choose options in the order form.

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